[2017] Bone Thugs - New Waves [320]

1. Coming Home ft. Stephen Marley
2. If Heaven Had a Cellphone ft. Tank
3. Good Person ft. Joelle James
4. Fantasy ft. Jesse Rankins
5. That Girl ft. Kaci Brown
6. Let It All Out ft. Jazze Pha
7. Waves ft. Layzie Bone x Wish Bone x Flesh-n-Bone
8. Whatever Goes Up ft. Jonathan Davis
9. Cocaine Love ft. Bun B x Jesse Rankins
10. Bad Dream ft. IYAZ
11. Gravity ft. Yelawolf
12. Bottleservice
13. Change the Story ft. Uncle Murda
14. Ruthless ft. Layzie Bone x Flesh-n-Bone x Eric Bellinger
15. My Way ft. DB Bantino

[2017] Lon Gotti - Break Bread or Play Dead Vol. 2 [128]

1.Benz ft. Black Muggzy
2. In The Kitchen
3. Bread First
4. Countin Up
5. Loud Pack
6. O.G.
7. Run Shit
8. Takin' Losses ft. Redro Killson x Z
9. Kay Sing ft. Redro Killson x Z
10. Snap 2K17

[2017] Lon Gotti - Break Bread or Play Dead [128]

1. I Ain't Thinkin' Bout A Bitch ft. Z x Ran Sav x Illest Uminati
2. Pronto
3. I Hustle
4. 16 ft. Z x Young Dom aka Premo
5. Dope Boy Dreams ft. Z x JD
6. Finessin
7. Everyday ft. Ran Sav
8. Felony ft. Redd100
9. 1 Time ft. EverGreen King aka J-Barz
10. Used To Be
11. Believe In Dreams

[2014] Fat Tone - Still I Rise [320]

1. Bow Down ft. Filthy Fat's
2. Fully Automatics ft. Filthy Fat's
3. It's Back On ft. Lil Los
4. Midwest Party ft. Rush Borda
5. OG Stack A Dolla
6. Real
7. Still Hustlin ft. Boy Big
8. What It Do ft. Rappin Twan
9. Who We Is ft. Filthy Fat's
10. You Here Me
11. You Know Very Well ft. Bishop Yung Don

[2005] I-Rocc x Luni Coleone - How The West Was Won Vol. 2 [320]

1. Chalk That ft. Turf Talk x Taydatay
2. Str8 Killa 2K5 ft. Smigg Dirtee
3. Bad Guy [Remix]
4. Advice ft. A-Wax x Dutch x Smigg Dirtee
5. Gang Feud ft. Tiny Doo
6. Follow My Lead ft. Smigg Dirtee x C.G.
7. Get What We Want ft. Syko x Dutch
8. No Me, No Loot ft. Dubee x Shob Rob
9. Word On the Street ft. Yukmouth x Smigg Dirtee
10. Tried N Tru ft. The Blocc Gang
11. Rush ft. Smigg Dirtee
12. Me and My Bitch
13. Problem With That ft. B-12
14. I Learned The Game ft. Messy Marv x Killa Kadolf
15. Time Will Tell ft. A-Wax x Preacher
16. Turn It Up
17. Mobb Shit ft. Twamp Nina
18. My Life ft. Macnificent x AP.9

[2005] I-Rocc x Luni Coleone - How The West Was Won Vol. 1 [320]

1. What The Fuck
2. Nobody Move ft. Skee 64 x Gangsta Dre
3. It's Nothin' To A Boss
4. Hellbound ft. JT The Bigga Figga x Telly Mac x Bo Lacy x AP.9
5. Speak On It ft. Mr. Immaculate
6. Skrillionaires ft. Hollow Tip x Hatchet
7. Turf Nominees ft. Big Hollis x Marcel
8. Non-Stop ft. Mad Lung
9. Life I Live ft. Gangsta Dre
10. Hood Life ft. T-Nutty
11. Thug Niggaz ft. Marvaless
12. Picc Up Tha Pieces ft. Charlie Mak
13. Paid The Cost ft. San Quinn x Marcel
14. Steamin' Mad ft. C.O.S. x Jay Catt
15. Heaterz ft. Smigg Dirtee x Mad Dog
16. Make Your Speakers Go
17. Addicted ft. Daz Dillinger
18. Get Em ft. Young Droop

[1998] Mr. Joshay - 21 Crunk St. [320]

1. Intro
2. Ghetto Tears
3. Sittin' On Top
4. Go Live
5. Interlude
6. Gang Story
7. Get Crunk
8. Before You Kill Me
9. Keep The Money
10. Baby Boy
11. Kinda Playa
12. She Don't Mean Shit
13. You And Your Nine
14. Game On Freeze
15. Mary Lou

[2006] Kase One - Da Streets Goin Luv Me [Mixtape Vol. 1] [VBR]

1. Da Streets Goin' Luv Me
2. Talk To 'Em ft. D.C.D.B.
3. Dead Man ft. Goon Camp
4. No Love ft. Lost Tribe
5. Pray Sometime
6. Lost Tribe
7. Do What Ya Do ft. Lost Tribe
8. Crank Up Da Donk ft. Pit Bull x Money Mark
9. Trap ft. D.C.D.B
10. Jook'n ft. Lost Tribe
11. You Don't Want It ft. Lost Tribe
12. Slip n' Slide [On Fire] ft. Duece Poopi x Nikk 'O Chrome
13. Fuck 'Em ft. Dirt Bag
14. Chillin' ft. Lost Tribe
15. Takin' Ya Life
16. Ain't I

[1994] Thug Life Vol. 1 [320]

1. Bury Me A G ft. Natasha Walker
2. Don't Get It Twisted
3. Shit Don't Stop ft. Y.N.V.
4. Pour Out a Little Liquor
5. Stay True
6. How Long Will They Mourn Me? ft. Nate Dogg
7. Under Pressure
8. Street Fame
9. Cradle To The Grave
10. Str8 Ballin'

[2000] Jovishes - Scriptures of The King [320]

1. Intro
2. Sciptures
3. Get Buck
4. Whodahell ft. Akira x Chris
5. Fire It Up
6. Blum Blum ft. Akira x Dinero x G-Ride x Lil Heat
7. No Haps ft. Skatta
8. Mama Said
9. 4 My Gator Boyz
10. Sex Gunz ft. Christina
11. Da Hustla ft. Red Hadda
12. Riot ft. Christina
13. March 4 Me ft. Chinkie Eye
14. Hit Dis ft. Christina
15. B.R.O.K.E. ft. President x Chinkie Eye x Arty Clay
16. Never Change ft. President x Red Hadda

[2015] Lil Reno - Friday The 13'th [VBR]

1. I Don't Get Tired
2. Ain't Yo Bitch
3. Bring That Ass Here
4. Dayz Off
5. Gangsta of The Year
6. I Own That
7. Laugh Now, Cry Later
8. Tryna' Get Some Money
9. Why You Fucking With Me
10. Fuck 'Em [Remix]
11. Want To Do

[2000] Cowboy - Straight Off Da Block [320]

1. Intro
2. Da Bad Guy
3. Recognize Da Game
4. Get Some Money
5. Creepin From Da Back
6. Hit Da Mall
7. Bout My Bizness
8. Money Makers II
9. Down In Tennessee
10. Hot Syeam Murder
11. We Gon Ride
12. Bout That Murder
13. Is You Wit It
14. Hell Naw
15. Nuttin Nice
16. Dangerzone
17. Skit
18. Off Da Block