Etho Escobar x Young Twon - Grit Now Shine Later [2014]

Artist: Etho Escobar
Album: Young Twon
Genre: Rap
Year: 2014

1. Young Knuckle Headz ft. MDot80
2. Where It Started At
3. Classified As a Thug ft. MON EG
4. F***a Sucka ft. Je Weezy
5. Picture Me
6. First Class ft. Jay Suavee
7. We Gone Get Rich ft. Cuzz Cuzz
8. Bust Back ft. Cuzz Cuzz & Fat Mac
9. Coke
10. Crazy In KC ft. Renzo & Diamond G
11. Living My Dreams ft. Ms. Incredible
12. Aint S**t To Me
13. I Dont Need Ya
14. Mobbin
15. What You Know Bout It
16. 3 Da Hard Way
17. The Come Up (Bonus Track)
18. Young Cassius ft. MON EG