Golden State Ridahz 2004 Compilation [2004]

Artist: Golden State Ridahz
Album: 2004 Compilation
Genre: Rap
Year: 2004

1. Northerncaliplaya ft. Young G x MVP
2. Lavish ft. Cracker 1 x Cracker 2
3. Up In the Club ft. Dee Jay
4. Ends Meet ft. Suga T x Young Ren x Golden State Ridahz
5. F**k You Pay Me ft. Crooked x Oso x Dyno
6. Spotlight ft. Dee Jay x Young G x Golden State Ridahz
7. Get It ft. Mr. Kee x Young G x Young Ren
8. H.O.D.G. ft. Doja Clik
9. Can't Be Me - ft. Dee Jay
10. We Spit Venom ft. Young G x Cracker 1
11. Nemesis ft. Cracker 2
12. Golden getos ft. Young Ren x Mr. Peebody x Golden State Ridahz
13. Snatch ft. Oso x K.I.D. x Young G
14. Rap Game ft. Cracker 1 x Emac
15. Mic Skills ft. Golden State Ridahz x Dee Jay
16. Gangsta S**t ft. Cracker 2 x K.I.D. x Young G
17. Game Don't Stop ft. Cracker 1 x Dyno x Young G
18. $$$ ft. Golden State Ridahz & Dee Jay