Killa Skip - Street Commandments [2015]

Artist: Killa Skip
Album: Street Commandments
Genre: Rap
Year: 2015

1. #F*** #U #Dylannroof
2. Street Commandments
 3. Get Dirty
4. Down 4 My Skrilla ft. Hotboi Dutch & Mick Jag
5. Boots On the Ground
6. Draws Buried in the Trap ft. Yarda x Raw Young Jit x Backboy Sav
7. Gusto
8. Never Gone Flip Me ft. Lil Skrilla & Lex
9. World in My Palms ft. Roy G
10. Always Cry
11. Tired of Hustlin' ft. Fetty Boi
12. Chucktown Wha Ya At?? ft. DJ Partie Artie
13. Roll'n How I Roll'n ft. Cutthroat C & B -Kil
14. Pillow Talking ft. Big Hoove
15. Glock Cock Chill'n
16. Same Ol' G ft. Jay Soul
17. Thing Wing ft. A. Janae & Scrappy G
18. On My Life ft. Ken & Leezy