Killa Skip - T.R.O.Y. [2017]

Artist: Killa Skip
Album: T.R.O.Y.
Genre: Rap
Year: 2017

1. Like J. Prince (T.R.O.Y)
2. Can't Complain ft. Gotti Grimreapa
3. #Go #Live
4. Solo Dolo
5. Playing
6. Everybody 'n' Dey Moma
7. Lemme Wiggle ft. Check Gang Waze
8. No B!+€h Made ft. Relly Boy
9. Jimmy Squirter
10. Betty Crocker ft. B Kiddo
11. Charleston Tea
12. A Boi Whey U From
13. Wrong Side of the Bed
14. Lowball 'n' Maintain ft. Daba x Lokey x Boolie x K tha Voice
15. All Year Round ft. Ken & Hittman
16. Swangin' ft. Big Hoove
17. Smoke Dem Draws ft. Big D x Cherri x Glizzy
18. Every Little Step ft. Jay Soul
19. Focus ft. Leezy & Yarda
20. Real Tears