Killa Skip x Chu Deals - 10 Days No Sleep [2012]

Artist: Killa Skip x Chu Deals
Album: 10 Days No Sleep
Genre: Rap
Year: 2012

1. Matchin' Benz's
2. Get On Yo' Square ft. Fatboy x Nasty Boy
3. You Aint Sayin' Nuttin' ft. Zilla Zill x Boneless
4. We Got Guns ft. Ghetto G
5. Magnums & Chargers ft. Nasty Boy
6. 110+90
7. Pussy Puke ft. B Kiddo x Jesse James
8. Dey Bout Dat ft. Cutthroat C
9. Everything
10. Abandon Me
11. Money Dance ft. Back Boy Sav
12. I Comin' Back ft. Back Boy Sav x Zilla Zill
13. Aint No Tellin'
14. Get Down On the Ground
15. No Stortage ft. Dirty Dave x Sam Kuk
16. Be a Hero ft. Boneless x Nasty Boy
17. Street Life Alone ft. Yarda
18. This Is It 4 Me ft. Brown