Young Ren - Undaground Mailroad [1999]

Artist: Young Ren
Album: Undaground Mailroad
Genre: Rap
Year: 1999

1. Servin Em Up
2. Mill Ticket ft. Antidote
3. H.O.D.G. (Dolla Bill) ft. Antidote x Mr PeeBodie x Nasty Trey x Macaholic x Doja Clik
4. Neva Slipin' ft. Antidote & Mr PeeBodie
5. Small City ft. Antidote
6. 8 Double 0
7. Stavin' ft. Antidote
8. Down Stroke ft. Nasty Trey
9. Rookies to the Game ft. Wizardwun
10. Livin' In Da Strange ft. Lil Man G x Macaholic x Tex
11. They Don't Know
12. Satisfaction ft. Antidote x Nasty Trey
13. Ends Meet ft. Suga-T
14. Only If I Have to ft. Nasty Trey & Tex
15. Golden Getos ft. Mr PeeBodie
16. Shoutro