Z - The Toilet: Reflushed [2012]

Artist: Z of Firing Squad
Album: The Toilet: Reflushed
Genre: Rap
Year: 2012

1. The Toilet ft. Reddro
2. Piranha in the Night
3. Brang It Out ft. MD 20 20 x Sabrie x Redikulus
4. Watchin ft. Reddro x Lon Gotti x Cobra
5. We Get That Cake ft. C Dubb x Cobra
6. Hot Now ft. Dttx
7. Westcoast Monsters ft. Twisted Insane x Lomac
8. Eat'em Up
9. I Do This S**t for Real ft. Young Dom x Bayze 1 x Mami Og x Lon Gotti
10. If I Were U
11. Get Up Out My Face
12. Im So Gone
13. 150 On the Pedal
14. See Right Thru Them
15. Kill ft. Cobra x Redikulus
16. Come Fux With Me ft. Lon Gotti x Cobra
17. Limelight ft. Black N Mild
18. Wanna Spit It? ft. Lomac